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Nanni Diesel takes the utmost care about all their products. However, a problem whether small or large can always be encountered. For all problems related to our engines, Nanni Diesel has developed the Silverwake policy in which information can be found concerning the following subjects:

- Introduction, identification of the boat; product identification and date of start up
- Warranty validity conditions
- Restriction condition of the warranty
- Elements covered by limited warranty extension
- Detachable voucher before start up
- Maintenance table
- Detachable voucher 1st maintenance visit
- Maintenance visit
- Winterization

To have more information about our warranty policy, please contact one of our dealers.

Maintenance schedules

Taking care of your engine allows it to keep on running year after year. To find out when to clean, replace or check parts of your engine, please refer to the maintenances schedules bellow (in PDF format):

Maintenance schedules for our new kubota engines range:
(N2.10, N2.14, N3.21, N3.30, N4.38, N4.40, N4.50, N4.60, N4.85, N4.100, N4.115)

Download in English - Français

Maintenance schedules for our old kubota engines range:
(2.45HE, 2.50HE, 3.75HE, 3.100HE, 4.150HE, 4.195HE, 4.220HE, 4.200TD, 5.280HE, 5.250TDI, 4.330, 4.340)

Download in English - Français

Maintenance schedules for our toyota engines range:
(T4.115, 4.380TDI, 4.390TDI, T6.300, 6.420TDI, ZA380TDI, Z4.390TDI, Z6.300TDI, T4.165, T4.180, T4.200)

Download in English - Français

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